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COVID19 UPDATE – 12th May 2020

Revision of holiday deferral dates & deadlines


Good Morning,

I hope you and your family are keeping well.

We waited in anticipation for the broadcast from the UK Prime Minister on Sunday, but we are still no further forward in terms of gaining immediate clarity around the easing of future lock down restrictions to support the tourism industry. The announcement did offer broad direction on some elements of lock down easing, but as we have already seen in today’s media it is open to wide interpretation.

‘Hospitality’ was referred to broadly as beginning to ease during step three of the three-point plan. This was highlighted as being, at the earliest, July. This may mean certain parts of the hospitality industry, including our own plus some restaurants, cafes and other public places, could reopen so long as they are safe and implementing social distancing measures. Further definition of what is meant by ‘hospitality’ is needed though to understand whether it does include domestic travel. In addition, any plans and timings are conditional upon the ‘R’ rate of infection remaining below one and thus subject to change at any point.

The leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have also offered lock down updates for the respective devolved nations, choosing to adhere to a clear ‘Stay Home’ message rather than the new ‘Stay Alert’ slogan announced by Downing Street. This means they will broadly continue with the same lock down regulations until the next review period in three weeks’ time, with some minor changes in terms of frequency of daily exercise.

We continue to focus on developments by the government for further clarity on the plans for domestic tourism.

As of today are planning to adjust our key dates in line with known government time frames, as follows:


We will now begin to actively contact all Guests with breaks due to take place up to 30th June 2020


We will not be taking any new arrival bookings for dates up to 30th June 2020


Guests with arrivals through June 2020 will have options available, we are dealing with customers in date order and we will be asking for your patience at this time.


We are also proposing an extension of the Price Match Promise to Guests who were due to arrive before 30th June 2020, to offer them a chance to re-book their holiday for the same amount (subject to keeping similar period dates and duration).

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