This week saw the release of the blockbuster movie ‘Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom’.

Why not come and stay with us at Golden Acre and search for your own fossils on our surrounding Jurassic beaches?

We can’t offer you live dinosaurs, but we are situated right on The beautiful Jurassic Coast here in Dorset where many wonderful fossils from the Jurassic period have been found and continue do do so. The Jurassic period (199.6 million to 145.5 million years ago) was characterised by a warm, wet climate that gave rise to lush vegetation and abundant life.

The legendary palaeontologist and ‘mother of fossil finding’ in Dorset Mary Anning lived in nearby Lyme Regis.

Mary Anning
Portrait of a woman in bonnet and long dress holding rock hammer, pointing at fossil next to spaniel dog lying on ground.

Mary Anning with her dog, Tray, painted before 1842; the Golden Cap outcrop can be seen in the background

Born 21 May 1799
Lyme Regis, Dorset, Great Britain
Died 9 March 1847 (aged 47)
Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Cause of death Breast cancer
Resting place St. Michael’s Church, Lyme Regis
50.725471°N 2.931701°W
Occupation Fossil collector · Paleontologist
Parent(s) Richard Anning (c. 1766–1810)
Mary Moore (c. 1764–1842)[1]
Relatives Joseph Anning (brother; 1796–1849)[1]

Mary Anning (21 May 1799 – 9 March 1847[2]) was an English fossil collectordealer, and paleontologist who became known around the world for important finds she made in Jurassic marine fossil beds in the cliffs along the English Channel at Lyme Regis in the county of Dorset in Southwest England.[3] Her findings contributed to important changes in scientific thinking about prehistoric life and the history of the Earth.